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About Us

Patient Centered Care Transformation Organization

Rooted in our mission and committed to the service of our community, Ascension Saint Agnes Community Health Partners Care Transformation Organization continues its enduring support of providers who serve our community, working in collaboration to meet the diverse needs of our patient populations.

Our Care Transformation Organization (CTO) focuses on three principles of relationship-centered care:

  1. Relationships in healthcare should view the patient and the provider as individuals who bring their own experiences to each encounter.
  2. Emotional connections are integral parts of the provider-patient relationship and the development of these promote positive outcomes.
  3. The development of these genuine relationships is not only clinically valuable, but contributes to the overall well being of both provider and patient

We pair patient centered care with data driven strategies to improve outcomes. In 2021, practices in our CTO were the top performers in retaining their performance based incentive payments. Our team has experience in supporting practices across diverse geographic settings and is easily accessible to meet with your practice and develop personalized recommendations. Our Care Transformation Organization supports practices located in Baltimore City, County, and Howard County.

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