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Relationship-centered care

Rooted in our mission and committed to the service of our community, Ascension Saint Agnes Community Health Partners continues its enduring support of area providers as they work to meet the diverse needs of their patient populations. Through this relationship-centered care, we are able to support providers in reducing unnecessary utilization while simultaneously improving both the patient experience and quality of care.

Community Focused Commitment to Care

We believe a codesign strategy that focuses both on care transformation and comprehensive care management is a crucial part of successfully facilitating care transformation. By using best practice frameworks, we are able to successfully guide our practices through their care transformation activities. In addition to these transformative efforts, our focus on healthcare quality and process improvement allows us to provide operational support and training prioritized based on individual practice needs.

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Comprehensive Care Management

Our experience has reinforced that where possible, in-person care management, rather than a primarily telephonic engagement, can better serve some segments of our population. Detailed risk-stratification that combines both medical complexity and an ongoing assessment of social determinants of health allows our teams to meet our patients needs with agility and compassion.

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Behavioral Health Integration

Embedding Behavioral Health within primary care settings is a necessary step in providing patient-centric care. Our integrated behavioral health model aims to enhance partnership formation with patients and providers alike; normalize behavioral health needs through the provision of routine preventative mental health and substance use screenings; and through removing barriers to care by providing behavioral health support from a single location. Put together we make it easy to access this essential type of care to improve the health and emotional well-being of our patients.

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"We need to look at the consumer journey holistically and see what differs among their expectations, then put those preferences into play in healthcare."

Eduardo Conrado, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy + Innovation Officer for Ascension
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