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Data Driven Practice Transformation

Operational Support and Training

By using best practice frameworks, we can successfully guide our practices through their care transformation activities. Our focus on healthcare quality and process improvement allows us to provide operational support and training prioritized based on individual practice needs. In addition, we leverage various data sources including EMR and claims data to identify patients who would benefit from care management, monitor utilization, and quality of care.

We support practices with the following services:

Patient Stratification: Through review of risk scores, utilization patterns, and clinical data we support practices in prioritizing those patients that would most benefit from care management or condition specific interventions.

Performance monitoring: Our team reviews hospital utilization, per capita cost, and quality metrics with practices monthly to ensure their performance is on target. We partner with practices to develop recommendations on workflow improvements.

Partnership with CRISP: Our team works closely with CRISP to ensure practices can develop the most efficient workflows, leveraging health information technology.

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