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Medication Management

Dedicated Pharmacy Resource

Saint Agnes Community Health Partners Care Transformation Organization’s interdisciplinary team includes access to the MDPCP Pharmacist. Our dedicated pharmacist collaborates with members of the care team to provide medication expertise and optimize medication therapy. They also partner with patients to ensure patients understand their medication regimens and feel confident taking their prescriptions.

Services include:

Transitions of Care (TOC): The pharmacist supports attributed patients going through various transitions of care to update medication lists, provide education (especially for patients on high risk medications), and assess adherence.

Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR): The pharmacist provides a comprehensive medication review which includes an extensive chart review, medication reconciliation, and assessment of medication regimens including indication, dosage, drug-drug interactions, side effects, and the need for any additional follow-up, while utilizing evidence-based guidelines.

Medication consults: The pharmacist assists patients with complex medication regimens to identify areas of concern and provide appropriate recommendations to patients and their providers. The pharmacist will also identify barriers to taking medications as prescribed, and work with patients to overcome and/or mitigate barriers to increase medication adherence.

Pharmacology Education and Support: The pharmacist provides support to providers, practice, and care management team members regarding medication formularies, new medications, medication selections, and dose adjustments.

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